We’re fast, sensible and flexible, with a truckload of experience. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without us.


We look after the legal needs of Australian businesses, big and small.

Being business owners ourselves, we get it. We want services quickly and from someone who makes our lives easier, not more stressful. We want to know what it will cost. We want our advisors to know the detail of our business as well as we do, but also be looking to the horizon.

And that’s what we do for our clients.

We’ve worked at the big end of town but we’ve designed our law practice to be the opposite. We’re lean and we move fast.  When you call, you speak to us and we tell it like it is. Our advice comes quickly and is to the point. We work out of a New York loft office on Flinders Lane with the latest cloud technologies and efficiencies.



About Alister Bayston:

Alister understands Australian businesses. He’s been advising them since 1994 – big and small, in-house and in private practice, services, manufacturing, you name it. Many of his clients have entrepreneurial DNA so he understands risk and return.

Nothing surprises him. When a client calls to bounce an idea around, it is those years of experience that gives him his killer instinct for commercial risk. That and the fact that he’s worked with clients throughout their business journey.  He knows where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Clients love the care and attention he brings to every piece of work and his unflappable personality in fluid situations. All with his big trademark smile.

t. 0411 239 560

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About Leisa Bayston:

There are many sides to Leisa.  There’s patient Leisa who steps through complex legal requirements with her startup clients and helps them map out a legal journey.  There’s relentless Leisa who just won’t give up until she’s negotiated another brilliant result for her clients.  There’s plain-talking Leisa who will say in ten seconds what takes others hours. You get the whole package when she’s your lawyer – you’ll wonder how you ever got by without her.

An ex Macquarie Bank Associate Director, she has a deep understanding of the financial services sector but loves building relationships with new businesses big and small.

t. 0421 344 843

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