Client Profile: Arterial Design

Introducing our client, Arterial Design. Arterial Design has delivered unique multi-disciplined projects across Australia and internationally. We’ve witnessed their growth and success as a company over recent years and are excited to highlight their latest innovative solutions for Melbourne’s hospitality industry.

Arterial the Award Winners

Arterial are experiential designers who create one-of-a-kind, immersive, and highly interactive spaces. These experiences capture people’s imaginations, take visitors on a journey of discovery, and excite the senses through a well-composed symphony of sound, light, colour, and movement: they definitely ‘switch on the senses.’ Winning ten international design awards across five countries illustrates Arterial’s cross-category talent and their confidence in creating their own definition.

“The concept of Arterial was simple. It grew out of a love of art and materials, storytelling, and creative collaboration.”

Jan Nowell, creative director

Arterial’s projects cover a range of spaces and industries, such as museum exhibitions, interpretive centres and, urban spaces. Jan and her highly specialised team’s creative process begins by responding to the needs of clients and a strong vision. They value projects that create wonder, explore possibilities, nourish communities, and nurture understanding.

Arterial achieved this with the creation of the award-winning multi-sensory installation, ‘The Billabong Experience,’ at the new Waltzing Matilda Centre in Winton, Queensland. Destroyed by fire in 2015, the Centre was a cultural beacon of the community, with literally thousands of artefacts and stories that showcased not only the essence of the song but the people themselves. The Billabong is a storytelling space that holds the ghosts of the past, echoing the elusive story of the song and its resonance in Australia’s cultural history, as well as the dramatic forces that have shaped this ancient land and the people who survived them.

2019 was genuinely transitional for Arterial. They travelled, connected, and collaborated with some of the most exciting thinkers and designers on the international scene. The awards they received in LA, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Italy, and Australia created a new sense of vigour and confidence in their strategic vision.

COVID-19 and 2020

Arterial was looking forward to working on and launching several local and international projects. Like many enterprises, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a major disruption in their exciting plans for 2020 and prospective new international work.

The Pivot

When we entered the first lockdown back in March, three major museum projects went immediately into hibernation, which accounted for about 90% of Arterial’s work. Instead of sitting on their hands and waiting for museums to come back to life, Jan started to look for other opportunities where Arterial could participate in re-building communities. From her morning runs, she saw once-bustling businesses being closed and leases vacated. As the lockdown dragged on, she read about London and Paris’s response to COVID and presented her team with a new challenge of re-designing outdoor dining.  Two weeks later, Premier Dan Andrews revealed the plan to reinvigorate the city: Restaurants would reopen using footpaths, carparks, and laneways for outdoor dining. Arterial’s proactive and unstoppable creativity has pushed their talents to Melbourne’s streets by supporting the rebuilding of hospitality.

The Community Solution

Arterial offers a comprehensive service to set-up the outdoor seating, which includes applying for permits, meeting new COVID guidelines, and customising solutions for individual clients. Restaurant owners, who have felt unheard, have been extremely grateful for Arterial’s assistance.

The outdoor hospitality furniture series is flexible, durable, cost-effective and COVID-compliant, and can be expanded with the easing of restrictions. Arterial has solutions for outdoor seating almost anywhere, whether on a footpath, laneway, or carpark. Their customisable ‘Honeycomb Hubs’ are perfect for bespoke parklettes and outdoor eateries, festivals, events, and vineyards. They can accommodate small and large groups with a COVID-safe focus. Arterial’s fully compliant modular designs include full decking solutions with barriers and planter boxes, turning laneways and carparks into active ‘want-to-be-seen’ destinations. The designs are also great for Melbourne’s unpredictable weather and combatting wind tunnels in the city.

If you’re struggling to envision how your restaurant can transform and become COVD-safe, we strongly recommend contacting Arterial Design today to discuss how to activate your space.