Control your legal spend by controlling how you hire us


Don’t need our ongoing support but want help with discrete tasks? This is the model for you.

Most of our clients prefer fixed fees because of the budgeting certainty. We calculate our fixed fees based on the scope of work discussed and we stick to our quote.

We can also charge at our hourly rates or a capped fee (i.e. our hourly rate up to a capped fee) if that works better for you. Either way, you are paying for the senior lawyer who is doing your work and not a swag of junior lawyers learning on your time.



Our monthly retainer service gives you budgeting certainty and strategic direction. We recommend it if your legal requirements are likely to go over 8 hours per month and we find it is most useful for companies with 5+ employees or fast-growing companies. We create a roadmap to help you with your legal needs at each stage of your business and regularly meet to review your strategy.

We love acting on retainer because it lets us really learn about your business and become part of your commercial process.

Our clients love this too, but also the certainty of legal spend. The retainer fee is all-inclusive and better value than our standard rates. We calculate it based on the average value of the work over a long period (from our experience) and regularly review it to make sure it is the best value for you and fair in light of the needs of your growing business.



Your own dedicated offsite general counsel, as part of your executive team.

We recommend this option if you have consistent ongoing legal requirements such as corporate advisory or contract reviews. You can call us whenever you need to bounce an idea around and we will attend strategic meetings with your team as required. We regularly meet with you to review your strategy and we’re always on the lookout for legal issues which might bite you.

It’s like having an in-house lawyer, just in another building.


Where’s your business going? Book in a strategy session.

We’ll meet with you for an hour, ask you some questions, analyse your answers and create a legal roadmap to achieve your business goals.
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