Lifestyle: RONE

We’re very excited to introduce our ‘Lifestyle’ blog series. This series will gives readers insight into what we are up to when we’re not in the office.

First up – Al, Leisa, and their two girls, Hannah and Josie, recently visited the Nicholas family’s art deco mansion, Burnam Beeches, as a part of the Empire project by street artist: RONE. Al shares with us that unique experience.

Who is RONE?

For those who have not heard of RONE, he is a street artist who was a part of the Everfresh street art crew from the turn of this century. His signature work is large format, stylised women’s faces – just as you see in the photos. He’s fascinated in the transience of beauty and decay, and how beauty can be fleeting. He has been an early adopter of using augmented reality for the viewers to immerse themselves in the art created.

Our first encounter with RONE’s work

We first discovered RONE by chance strolling into a gallery at the back of Nauru House in Melbourne and were immediately stunned at an enormous facial portrait taking up the whole outside of a six story building. It’s scale made it nearly impossible to view close up so you could miss it at street level but find it unmissable from a building window.

The Nauru house exhibition has since self-destructed, in its place is a new Melbourne office precinct at 80 Collins Street. We’re delighted to have helped our client Axil Coffee Roasters grab a prime position at this new establishment and ensuring that the occupants will have the very best cup Melbourne can offer.

Our Next Exhibition at the Lyric Theatre

When we heard about his next exhibition at the derelict Lyric Theatre on Johnston Street, Fitzroy – we jumped at the opportunity.

Again, we were faced with a super-sized exhibition that would self-destruct in two weeks. This exhibition generated a three-dimensional journey through the art that he’d installed in derelict houses adjacent to the Alphington Paper Mill.

“Empire” project by Rone

We were desperately excited when we heard of his latest exhibition, “Empire“. The site was the Burnham Beeches mansion; one of Melbourne’s finest Art Deco buildings for most of last century. It was personal to me as I have memories of having high tea there with my mother as a little boy and it was opposite the lyre bird-filled forest of many family picnics.

The residence was abandoned and it has been rediscovered and earmarked for redevelopment by Shannon Bennett’s Vue Group as a boutique hotel and restaurant. So, a collaboration was borne between RONE and hoteliers, restauranteurs, perfumers, interior designers, composers, organic sculptors, videographers and augmented reality technicians. Over 12 months, this team was able to infuse 12 key rooms with a unique mood and meaning as if a historical story was being told on the walls, stairways and bookcases.

Empire invites you to step inside the photograph, hear the echo of the decaying piano and smell the dry leaves invading the hallway. Then, long after the paintings are gone, this photographic memoir and accompanying soundtrack will present an opportunity to delve into the project afresh; to once again be transported to this special space that we reclaimed, albeit fleetingly, and collectively imbued with story.”


We were blown away!

RONE is – on his own – an extraordinary artist. However, by bringing in this diverse crew of high performing, edge-dwelling artists of other disciplines, something amazing was produced. We were 4 out of 26,000 people that were able to see this exhibition that was limited in time and tickets. However, RONE’s love of augmented reality means you can take a virtual tour anytime. If you go here, you’ll find a 3D tour of  the Empire exhibition.

We’ve reminisced together about our exceptional experiences and one thing that really stood out to us in our mind was the effectiveness of collaboration that lead to such a unique, successful exhibition.

Empire is an evolution of Rone’s work from a solo artist to a finely tuned collaboration of many artists and technicians. Today’s business landscape is nuanced and requires sophistication and insight. Collaboration is central to our working style, from framing the problem to delivering the solution. Be like Rone. Be like Bayston Group. Work with us.