Meet the Team: Our Co-Founder and Business Lawyer

Our next feature in our ‘Meet the Team” Blog series is our Co-Founder and Business Lawyer, Leisa Bayston.

Tell us a little about your background including what drew you to Bayston Group?

Al and I are that rare breed of life partners who love working together. The opportunity to start a business with Alister and doing the kind of work I love for clients I respect was the opportunity of a lifetime! The added benefit for us as a family is the flexibility of self-employment which gives us the privilege of running our family life and our work life the way we want. We are celebrating the 12th Year of Bayston Group shortly!

What drew you to your area of legal specialisation?

Studying Economics-Law at the University of Tasmania was my ticket to a career “on the mainland”. I’ve always loved the energy and opportunity of a big city and as a graduate, I knew that I wanted to be a commercial lawyer. Initially, I worked in corporate tax, funds management, and compliance before settling into general commercial legal practice. I am a natural problem solver and have always welcomed the challenge of taking complicated ideas and finding simple ways to express them. As it turns out these are two of the fundamental skills of a good commercial lawyer!

What is your proudest work-related achievement?

I’m not the kind of lawyer who gains intrinsic worth from the size of deals I have worked on. My proudest achievement is when clients have found themselves in difficult and often complex situations and I am able to use my problem-solving skills, legal knowledge and tenacity to get a desired result.

When you are not at work what do you enjoy doing?

On top of Bayston Group, we have a very busy family life with 3 kids, a cat, a dog, and 3 fish!

We are part of a great local community and when I am not spending time with the family, I love to hang out with neighbours and friends. Good food, wine, and travel are also at the top of the list.

What can a client expect when they put themselves and their business’ legal needs in your hands?

As a business owner myself, I get it. I listen hard to what my clients are trying to achieve. There are no “cookie-cutter” solutions at Bayston Group. Every client, their circumstances, and their objectives are unique. At the end of a very long, gruelling and difficult matter a client sent me the following email. This is what I would like every client to experience when they put their business’ legal needs in our hands.

“—You make legal process and terminology accessible which enables me to understand the matters at hand and feel confident about making decisions

—You exercise patience which enables me to catch-up with your line of thinking and empowers me with full comprehension

—You think strategically and laterally which makes me feel well-advised and tactically prepared 

—You’re punctual which makes me feel like a priority even though your bread and butter is probably secured through larger clients and accounts

—You listen whilst imposing a subtle efficiency on our conversations which prevents me from heading on tangents and wasting my money

—And finally, you’re likeable and approachable which is, of course, no small factor in any successful professional relationship”

How is Bayston Group different from other Law Firms?

What makes Bayston Group different is the combination of our deep, robust and lengthy experience practicing law and our commitment to doing so in a modern way. Alister and I each have over 25 years of experience across large law firms, accounting firms, in-house roles and now in our own boutique practice. Not all “New Law” players can boast this and it makes a big difference to the way we can manage legal risk. Of course, there are many experienced practitioners out there but not many of them are committed to collaborating with clients and staff using new technology to deliver services. The combination of these 2 factors is our “special sauce”.

Give us one tip for minimising legal risk in business.

Talk to us early. As Alister is famous for saying – unlike fine wine, disputes do not improve with time.