Meet the Team – Tara Adams

Tara Adams has been part of the BG Team since 2017. With over 20 years of experience as a lawyer she has worked all over the world. She spent 5 years in Indonesia and then 4 years in Chile where she learnt to speak Spanish and travel around South America. She has a science degree as well as a law degree and this assists with her legal passion: Intellectual Property Law. She also has a blackbelt in Franchise Law and helps many BG Clients, franchisees and franchisors alike, to navigate this heavily compliance driven area.

How did you start working with Bayston Group?

Born and bred in Adelaide, it was after I moved to Melbourne and met Leisa Bayston when our children attended kinder together. Leisa was looking for a contract lawyer to come and support their business, particularly in the franchising area. I was drawn to working with both Leisa & Alister because they are great people & I really like the way they work. I like their approach to law & their legal solutions. First & foremost, they look after their clients, and they are not overly litigious & aggressive. Alister always says that is the last thing they want to do; to put their clients in the line of a court case or push them to go to court unless there are no other options on the table.

What drew you to your area of legal specialisation?

Early in my career, I worked in banking restructuring and commercial restructures in Indonesia, however my passion was always the IP side of things and I was completing a Master of Laws in Intellectual Property and International Trade whilst working abroad so ended up pivoting to work in a boutique IP firm in Jakarta doing frontier-type intellectual property investigations, prosecutions and infringement work. At times we worked alongside investigators and police to undertake raids on factories suspected of producing ’pirate’ or counterfeiters DVDs, apparel, perfume or other products.  It was fascinating work and didn’t always go to plan.  Sometimes we would organise an investigation or alert authorities to attend to seize counterfeit products, knowing at that very moment thousands of products were being produced, and yet when the action took place only several hours later there would be no signs whatsoever of any counterfeit or illegal activity – this was flabbergasting at times! 

What is your proudest work-related achievement?

After 20 years and a huge variety of experience I am probably most proud of the skills I have developed in getting results for clients. I often go into combative relationships with the other side and I find that I can settle them down by bringing in my human side, taking a kind attitude and a considered approach. This often allows me to achieve good outcomes in record time for clients!

When you are not at work what do you enjoy doing?

I love running. I have completed a few marathons but I prefer 15-20km distance, I enjoy getting out for a run for an hour or two. Coaching netball and cricket and helping with my kid’s sport, I love cricket!

We have just welcomed a new member to our family, an adorable puppy named Murray who is still establishing his sleep routine.

What can a client expect when they put themselves in your hands?

I will meet their expectations in a timely matter. I am good at communicating timing and deadlines to clients for their legal needs and ensuring their expectations are met on time.

How is Bayston Group different from other law firms?

BG’s approach is massively collaborative, this would be the main point of difference. Leisa & Alister’s approach to their team also stands out, they are very much relationship people and everyone is made to feel part of the team.

Give us one tip for minimising legal risk in business

Clear & timely communication and to seek a lawyer at the start of your legal problem, not at the end!

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