Who’s shaping creative Sydney?

One of our clients has been recognised for its contribution to the creative landscape of Sydney-town. CREATIVE SYDNEY, a website  ‘celebrating the wealth and diversity of Sydney’, has honoured Zac and Zolton Zavos in its Creative Catalysts list – “100 inspirational and innovative Sydneysiders who have made a unique contribution to the city’s creative culture.”

Though this recognition comes from their home town, Zac and Zolton Zavos are anything but Sydney-centric. In fact, as Web 2.0 entrepreneurs whose schtick is finding the zeitgeist, these brothers have a much greater footprint and have a good toe-hold in the USA. Their creativity finds and promotes the more obscure creatives who are themselves breaking new ground in the arts. On that score, check out their Lost at E Minor site.

For those more interested in the sweaty arts, see The Roar for interactive sports commentary and for music check out My Secret Playlist where they ask their favourite bands and musicians to nominate the 8 songs they’re listening to. Both sites run through their Conversant Media business. And if you’re promoting your own site for revenue, see Revenue Solved.

Belated congratulations to you, Zac and Zolton and thanks for taking Bayston Group on your journey!